Mr Andy Leafe


As a school, we have found that many parents and carers find parenting to be an emotional roller coaster; after all, children aren’t delivered with an instruction manual.

Our School’s Parent & Family Support Advisor is trained Facilitator in:

·         Mindful Emotion Coaching. This is about building emotional resilience by talking about emotions behind the behaviours and the understanding of the neuroscience of mindfulness, emotion regulation and emotion intelligence. Utilising John Gottman’s 5 steps of Emotion Coaching – practical ideas for re training our brains and developing our emotional resilience.

·         Tuning in to Kids is a copyrighted, manualized and evidence-based Parenting Programme developed in The Mindful Centre, Melbourne, Australia. This is to help support parents – to help them teach their children how to understand and regulate their emotions and thus develop emotional competence.

·         Family Links Andy is a Parent Group Leader to deliver this nurture programme which promotes emotional health & mental wellbeing, relationship skills and positive behaviour management strategies for parents and carers and their children. This also provides effective strategies to encourage co-operation, responsible behaviour and manage challenging behaviour in children.

We also offer tailored 2-hour workshops looking closely at the work of Dan Siegel ‘Hand model of the brain’ and ‘flipping our lids’ and John Gottman 5 practical steps of Emotion Coaching and the 4 Relationship styles.


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