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AF Harold’s visit – Thursday 16th January

Last Thursday, in the middle of our ‘Special Visit’, we received a more than welcome ray of sunshine in the form of the wonderful A F Harrold.

Ashley is a poet and came to us for the morning thanks to our continued link with the committed members of the Well’s Festival of Literature. He brightened up everybody’s morning with a wonderful whole-school assembly, where he treated all those present to a selection of some of his poems including one where we were warned about the dangers of breakfast (remember to watch out for bears in your cornflakes!) and about a dog having a bath.

Ashley then spent some time in Ash class and Cedar class, where we listened to some of his animal-based riddles (and our clever bunch worked them all out!) and had a go at creating some of our own using the techniques he had shown us. The children were so excited to listen to and learn from Ashley; it was a really enjoyable and engaging morning. If you would like to find out more about Ashley’s poems or watch some of his videos, including the poems mentioned above, please follow this link:


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