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Alabama Spitfire by Bethany Hegedus

This beautifully illustrated book tells the biographical story of Harper Lee, the author of the adult novel, To Kill A Mockingbird (my all time favourite book!).

Fans of To Kill A Mockingbird will find numerous parallels between the life of Harper Lee and her characters. Based in her home state of Alabama, it details Harper’s childhood exploits; wearing dungarees, scampering up trees and rolling in tyres with her brother, Edwin.

I particularly admire Harper’s feisty determination to stand up for justice, and her protective nature that ensures her friend Truman isn’t bullied. Their treehouse is a wonderful place to escape, where they spend time reading books , writing stories and spying on their neighbours!

As Harper Lee grows up, the story progresses to New York City, where she continued to write stories and was eventually given a year off from her job to write a novel. You may be able to guess the name of the book that she wrote!

This book is a wonderful read for anyone interested in childhood, imagination, justice, civil rights and American history. It particularly resonates with myself, as I too spent a large part of my childhood in dungarees, climbing trees and spying on my neighbours! This life story is told in an informative and interesting way, and is supported by incredible colour illustrations  throughout.

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