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All the Things That Could Go Wrong – Stewart Foster

There are two sides to every story

Dan is angry. Nothing has been the same since his big brother left, and he’s taking it out on the

nearest and weakest target: Alex.

Alex is struggling. His severe OCD makes it hard for him to leave the house, especially when Dan and his gang are waiting for him at school . . .

Then the boys’ mums arrange for them to meet up and finish building the raft that Dan started with his brother. Two enemies stuck together for the whole of the school holidays – what could possibly go wrong? 

Each chapter is written from the point of view of one of the two main characters, allowing us to view their world through their eyes and hear their thoughts. Both boys have their struggles and these are put across expertly in Stewart’s writing. You can really empathise with them and begin to understand more about what is going on and why people may act in a certain way. It can be very difficult to understand conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Stewart has done an excellent job of approaching it in a manner that makes it easier for all to access. Overall, it is a wonderfully told story full of worries and feelings and friendships. Stewart’s new book, ‘Check Mates’ is out on June 27th.


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