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Can You See Me? – Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott

This is a must-read book. It may be uncomfortable at times but at the same time, it is compelling. It really is an eye-opener and may just make you adjust your own behaviour towards certain people. I had heard people rave about this book but hadn’t ever settled down to read this before. It’s not an action or adventure story, this is based on real-life and it is thought-provoking and quite an emotional read.

Tally is autistic, although she hides it well, trying to be normal – whatever normal is? She is aware of how uncomfortable people feel around her – they don’t understand her. By hiding her autism, she isn’t being herself and she ends up making herself sad.

This book explains what Tally is thinking each day when various events happen and show how she attempts to mask her autism from everyone. But by doing this, the real Tally may stay hidden forever.

It also gives a glimpse of how her family cope with everyday life.

The diary entries in the book are written by an 11-year-old girl (Libby Scott) based on her own experience of living with autism.

This book really will change the way that you think about autism. I highly recommend it.

Mrs Rousell


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