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Class lists for September

On Wednesday 8th July, you will receive a text message to inform you of your child’s class and class teacher in September.

We really wish that we were able to share this news with the children and hold a “Moving Up” day as normal but the current restrictions mean that neither of these options is possible.

We know that moving classes can create great anxiety for children and for parents. This anxiety may be heightened by the lack of “transition” activities this year and not knowing who else will be in their class. We know that parents and children will find inventive ways to find out who else will be in the class. All we ask is that you are considerate towards each other in how you share this information. Social media may add to levels of anxiety for others!

The school has put a great deal of time and thought into the class lists. No decision will have been made lightly and all decisions will have been made for very genuine reasons.

The first few weeks in a new class are always spent establishing relationships and routines, getting to know each other and settling in. This will be even more vital in September. We ask parents to be patient. All children will need time to settle in. We would ask all parents and carers to give the children time to adjust before raising concerns about classes. If your child is really not happy with the decisions made by half term, then will we have a conversation with you to explain the reasons behind the placement. To do this before the half term, will not give children time to settle and adjust. We will not make any swaps or moves, if any, until this point.

Like you, we are still waiting for the official guidance as to what the school day may look like in September. We will hear at the same time as you. Hopefully at today’s press briefing!

We are meeting as a Leadership team next Wednesday to put a final plan in place. This will be shared with you.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Tracy and Mike


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