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Clockwork by Philip Pullman

This is a wonderfully creepy tale, set on a dark, wintry night in a small town in Germany. Clockwork tells the story of a clock maker’s apprentice called Karl, and a young writer called Fritz, who is famed for his macabre story-telling. On this particular night, Fritz has wound his audience up like a clock and in his own words, will set the story going. Once it has been started though, he isn’t sure how it will stop. Philip Pullman creates the world in the reader’s mind so effortlessly; you can feel the chill and hear the ticking of the clock. And all of this is started and completed in under a hundred pages. A masterful piece of writing from the multi-award winning Philip Pullman. Grab a copy, a hot drink and a blanket, then lose yourself in the world of Clockwork. 


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