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COVID Update: 18th February 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Public Health team, locally and regionally, recognise the challenges COVID can present but are reassured that all schools can now confidently and routinely implement risk assessments and manage Covid-19 cases in their settings. Due to our own outbreak at school we have remained in amber measure up until the end of this half term.

Schools are asked to use  the contingency framework flowchart to manage COVID 19 in their own settings. A copy of this is available for you in the link below.

The framework enables us to track and make assessments of our own COVID cases.

School contingency flowchart Feb 2022

  •  In the event of no more than 4 cases we can use our own risk management plan.
  •  In the event of less than 5 cases or 10% of children in a group that mix closely we can revisit our own outbreak management plan and implement the level of controls which we deem proportionate as indicated by the contingency framework.
  •  More than 5 cases />10% of children in more than one group. If infection levels in the educational setting are currently higher than the additional/ blue measures threshold, we will implement enhanced (amber) measures e.g. the reintroduction of face coverings and the introduction of further testing for cohorts of identified close contacts.

 Current COVID cases as of 17/2/22 were  down to only 1 pupil in the whole school.

We are happy that we are now in a position to  lift our amber restrictions after the February half term holiday.

As from Monday 28/2/22 school we return to our normal times:

Drop off times:

All classes gates open from 8:40am to 8:55am, registration closes at 9am

Pupils can arrive through any gate and go straight into their classrooms.

Pickup times: 

Gates will be open at 3:10pm and pupils will be released from class at 3:15pm

Pupils will be able to mix across year groups and from the second week back we will be having upper and lower school assemblies in the school hall.

Classes will be inviting parents in to see the wonderful work they are doing and I am aiming to have some parent information mornings hosted by myself in the mornings, after drop off time. This will be an opportunity to explain what is happening at school, our vision and how we are moving things forward.

We are looking forward to finally having our school community back together which includes you as parents being part of the team here at school.

Have a lovely half term and we will see you Monday 28th February.

Best wishes

Miss Airey


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