Curriculum intent

What is our intent behind the Elmhurst Curriculum?

Elmhurst is a fully inclusive school and we are ambitious for all of our children. We are building a coherent curriculum that will inspire, engage and enable our children to play a valuable part in the future of our society.

As well as being relentless on driving academic progress, we have maintained the breadth of study outlined in the National Curriculum. 

Visits and trips enrich learning linked to the programmes of study, year 4 children all receive music lessons from a peripatetic teacher and each year group is responsible for leading a performance at some point throughout the school year. 

We have developed an Elmhurst curriculum which runs alongside the National Curriculum. This is our focus on the wellbeing and cognitive development of the individual child. The Extraordinary Elmhurst experiences and our Nurture and ELSA are key aspects of this curriculum. 

Elmhurst experiences take place each half term and enable all children to experience activities which they may not have experienced in their childhood. These experiences, which take place over the course of the day, enable our children to collaborate, build resilience and independence and experience the natural world.


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