Links with Millfield

Millfield School

We are so proud of our close working relationship with Millfield school. We are very fortunate to be able to make use of their expertise and the wonderful resources for our own pupils.

This Year we are currently working on a variety of linked projects

Year 4

Year 4 will be visiting Millfield School Art Department every Wednesday afternoon for the duration of term 4. This will be part of our Design Technology project on Functional and Fancy Fabrics. 

This project teaches children about home furnishings and the significant designer William Morris. They learn techniques for decorating fabric, including heat transfer printing, hemming and embroidery and use them to design and make a fabric sample.

Year 5

Millfield pupils will be coming into school to help promote the Love of Reading we believe in at Elmhurst. Seeing and hearing a variety of people read helps pupils to understand that we can all enjoy sharing a story or information from a book. We want pupils to know that reading is not a task but an experience.

Year 6

Our pupils are lucky to be part of a literacy/ drama based activity up a Millfield school. Where pupils get to carry out drama workshops in a real theater, learning the skills required to put on their own production.


Millfield science department have developed their support with the Elmhurst Love of Learning curriculum. Between the science leader and Millfield we have identified what resources Millfield can share with Elmhurst; the use of Millfield’s laboratories and develop curriculum enrichment experiences for our pupils.

After School Club

We are delighted to be able to offer a Chinese Mandarin class to our children. Our visiting teacher is Miss Shuyi Li, a Confucius Classroom teacher from Millfield School. Millfield school became Somerset’s first Confucius Classroom in 2019. The main purpose of the programme is to promote Chinese learning to local schools and community with funding and teacher support provided by the Chinese government.

Learning Chinese just for fun has many benefits – it exercises both sides of the brain and improves handwriting, concentration and numeracy skills, as it is a scientific and grammatically logical language. It will also give our children an insight into a vastly different culture from what they are experiencing with the European languages. They will learn through singing, calligraphy, drawing pictures of the natural world (which is the essence of the most basic and ancient Chinese characters), and a variety of classroom activities.


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