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Free school meals update

Dear Caregivers

The hampers have now been delivered and are in school. They look great!

Thank you to the many, many parents who collected during the allocated time. We do not have the capacity to deliver the hampers in the same way that we did previously. HAMPERS MUST BE COLLECTED. If you are struggling to collect, perhaps families could link up and help each other?

If you are unable to collect your hamper between 11.00- 12.00 on Mondays, please let us know.

The hampers are now stored in the minibus and can be collected before the end of the school day. We do not have any other suitable storage for the fresh produce.

They will, at a push, be okay over night, for collection at drop off time tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, we do not have the spare staff capacity to be out there all day. It would be such a shame to see good food going to waste.

Thank you in advance.


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