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Gardening at Elmhurst -week 17


Nettles, compost, lavender and bees, strawberries, bindweed, and mulching around trees. 

The nettles are perfect for stripping and making string at the moment. We’ve been emptying out compost bins ready to leave them empty over the summer. 

The lavender bank didn’t happen, but what is here already is blooming, it looks and smells amazing and is full of bumblebees.

The strawberries are ripening, it’s a race to get them before the woodlice and snails but we’ve had a few ourselves. 

We are managing the rampant bindweed, it’s great for bees and it hides the berries from the birds but it grows so fast, it’s a bit of a challenge to keep on top of it. What we pull up will be dried for weaving projects later in the year.

We are mulching around the apple trees in our orchard with waste card and the composts we make here at the school. We will plant comfrey and gradually get round to planting fruit bushes on the drip line of the trees.

We continue to have lots of fun in the gardens and the children really have worked hard over these past couple of weeks, digging and moving the compost. Here’re some photos and a short video.


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