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Gardening at Elmhurst -week 5

Hi everyone 

We have completed week 5, going into week 6 and then half term.

I am still working with Mrs Greenwell and Mrs Vian and the year 5s in our bubble and this will continue after the half-term break. 

The gardens here are starting to wake up again, all the bulbs that have lain dormant through the rest of the year are popping up and colour is appearing. We have beautiful purple crocuses with their vibrant orange stamens. Do you know saffron comes from some species of crocus and is valued highly in many cultures?

There are no signs of life from our seeds in the polytunnel yet, nor the potatoes we planted in the shed but our classroom seeds are making great progress; broad bean, tomato and sweet pepper.

We have transplanted 3 raspberry canes this week to a new bed. If you have any you would like to donate to the school, we have plenty of space for them. 

We transplanted a gooseberry bush and have 2 more to transplant. 

The snowdrops are coming up under the yew tree and I expect to have photos of flowers on them after the half term. 

We’ve started to tidy the beds and are creating new beds ready for all the seeds we will be sowing over these next few months.

That seagull gave us some problems again so we have piled logs in front of each compost bin and fingers crossed it might have worked. 

We are making plans to create a Reflection Garden where our chickens used to live and we will include various memorials and tributes to Mrs Sarah Murray, who is missed very much by the children and staff, in this area.

Our recycled paper has come out quite thick; it wasn’t suitable for the bookmaking Mrs Greenwell is teaching us but will be great for other craft activities. 

Our first glaze firing came out of the kiln and was successful. The two birdbath bases are finished, the bowls should be ready by Thursday and we will be entering them into Grayson And Phillippa Perry’s new series of Grayson’s Art School which is starting on Channel 4 in the half term, we intend to enter Episode 2 which is themed Nature, with our birdbaths. Keep your fingers crossed for us that Grayson selects them for the show. 

Mrs Karen Chard


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