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Gardening at Elmhurst -week 6

Hello everyone,

 I hope you are all well and that the past week has been a positive week for you. 

The last week in the garden before half term was VERY cold, but we still got lots done and had fun doing it.

There were violets popping up and snowdrops, the daffodils were starting to bud too. 

We prepared a new bed for our beans, which are growing fast on the classroom windowsill along with the chillis and tomatoes which are much slower.  We were also given a tray of surplus chilli plants too so I hope you like chillis as the children may be bringing some home later in the year.

We managed to get our bird baths finished and with help from Mrs Edwards and her husband we have produced a film. Mrs Greenwell uploaded the video and photos and applied to Grayson Perry’s Art School, new series.

Due to the bubbles, I’m staying with the same children and teachers for now and we will continue with bed prepping and seed sowing.

Karen Chard


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