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Gardening at Elmhurst -week 8

Hello again

We have had a productive week sowing lots of seeds. We’ve sown, chives, red mustard, sweet peas, broad beans and broccoli this week and transplanted all our chilli plants.

I was offered some frogspawn so we built a tiny bucket pond and added some weed and the spawn. We will be watching closely the life cycle from spawn to frogs. 

The year 5s in my bubble tried cleavers in water, there were mixed reactions to this. They tried nettle tea and although this is a favourite of mine only one of the children liked it, both of these are growing in our gardens and are great this time of year as a spring tonic. We also had Rose petal tea this week again with mixed responses, we didn’t grow these ourselves but who knows, maybe in the future. 

We are starting to develop a Reflection garden and put the first part of our pencil sculpture in there. The children have started painting a bench which will take pride of place at the top of our lavender bank in loving memory of Mrs Murray. 

Our bird baths didn’t get selected for Grayson’s Art Club but we will proudly place them in the gardens once we have made them watertight! If you haven’t seen it yet do watch our video that Mrs and Mr Edwards put together for us.

We need black, grey or beige bricks,  if you have any lying around please could we have them to make an edible flower bed?



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