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Gardening at Elmhurst -week 9

Hello again

We have lots of ongoing projects in the school at the moment. The children have enjoyed sowing seeds this week, we’ve transplanted our tomatoes and green our first broad beans are ready to go outside.

Dandelions, one of my favourite plants, so many uses and so beautiful. Dandelion root coffee substitute, dandelion wine, dandelion jam, leaves and flowers are a great addition to salads. Medicinal uses too and bees love them, they are an essential bee food too. 

We no longer have our chickens at school, they have gone to live on a farm as Mrs Murray is no longer with us to care for them at the weekend and holidays.  We sold our chicken coop over the weekend and will put the money raised towards more resources for our garden. The old wooden hen house will be used as part of our reflection garden. It will house chicken again, just not the living kind! Keep an eye out!

The children have made some paper bricks and sheets of paper with some of our paper waste this week and we have started building a pumpkin arch from an old trampoline frame. 

We have an exciting project this week. The year 5 children will be planting 40 or more trees on Thursday and Friday at the front of the school, which are being given to us by an outside organisation who are doing a wider project of reimagining the levels.



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