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Harvest Time- Year 4

Dear Year 4 Parents/Guardians,

This year, Year 4 have been asked to host the Harvest Assembly. This will take  place in the school hall, on Friday 15th October 2021, and will start at 2pm.  This year’s theme is Food Waste, and each class will be concentrating on a  different area. They will also be singing some food themed songs that you  may recognise the tunes of!

In line with the harvest theme, it would be lovely if the children could bring a  checked shirt or similar into school to wear for the event – if you have any  spares you wouldn’t mind being lent out please let your child’s class teacher  know. Please ensure any clothing sent in is labelled. If you do not have a shirt,  please don’t worry or feel you have to go out and purchase one. 

We are delighted to be able to invite guests in, however due to the current  guidelines we are having to limit this to one guest per child. This is to ensure  there is no overcrowding, the room is well ventilated and we adhere to health  and safety. We expect it to run for approximately 40 minutes and therefore if  you wish to take your child after the event you will be able to do so, however  your child will need to be signed out. Any children who aren’t collected will  stay in school until the normal pick up time.

Tying in with this theme, we will be collecting donations for the Salvation Army  Food Bank as a whole school. If you are able to contribute to this, food bank  donations can be sent in with your child from the week beginning Monday  10th October but more information will be sent out to the whole school nearer  to the time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event, 

The Year 4 Team


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