Assessment and reporting

Please contact us if you have matters of concern or interest about your child’s educational progress or well-being. We believe that parents and teachers contribute strongly together in a child’s development, particularly in the early years in school. The school needs your help and cooperation to provide the best learning experience for your child. It is very important that you keep the school informed of any important changes that may affect your child. Please let us know promptly about any medical, physical or emotional difficulties of which you become aware.

Your child’s progress and development will be regularly monitored and assessed throughout the school.

Each lesson objective is reviewed to ensure your child has understood and learnt what was expected of them. If they need further support then this will be addressed as soon as is possible. Teachers track pupils progress by reviewing lesson outcomes and by end of unit assessments. We use our Cornerstones tracking tool to monitor progress across the lessons and across subjects. Alongside this we use NFER maths and reading assessments three times a year to give us a summative assessment of pupils outcomes. Independent pupil writing assessments are carried out three times a year and with the support of the county literacy advisor and local schools we moderate pupils work to ensure consistency in assessment judgements.

For pupils with SEND requirements and are working below their age related expectations, assessments will reflect their needs. Specialist assessments such as Bsquared are used to ensure progress is being made in key areas.

Pupils also undertake regularly RWI phonics assessments to ensure progress is made and children are becoming fluent, confident and independent readers. Weekly spellings and multiplication tests are carried out to help identify any gaps in a child’s knowledge so these can be addressed and further challenge given.

Every pupil in the school has their own access to the Maths-Whizz online tutor program. This assess each child’s learning needs and creates an online tutoring package to engage pupils and accelerate their maths progress. Teachers can track and monitor progress and assign activities based on the assessment of each pupil.

In Year 4 pupils will undertake the Multiplication Test which assesses the pupils knowledge and rapid recall of their multiplication tables up to and including 12 x 12.

In Year 6 children are tested in reading, writing, GPS (grammar/ Punctuation/ spelling) and mathematics these assessments commonly known as SATs and are undertaken by all Year 6 pupils in England.

Teachers in all year groups will make their own assessments based on work produced throughout the year. These results will be reported to you in the End of Year Report.

We hold two parent/ teacher consultations each year and currently these are virtual events. However, parents are invited into their child’s classroom every half term to meet the teacher and look at their child’s work

In July, a report is issued to parents and with it, if the parent wishes, an invitation to discuss the report.

When reporting to parents we will identify if your child is working towards the expected standard (WTS), at the expected standard (EXS), working at a greater depth (GDS) or below the expected standard (BLW)

If during the year parents want a longer discussion with their child’s teacher, an appointment with the teacher can be made. Please contact the school office or class teacher via Class Dojo to arrange a mutually convenient time.

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