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Newsletter: 18th March 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you to everyone who supported the school and completed the Ofsted Parent View survey on Tuesday. As always you have been incredibly supportive. Thank you.

We received notification of the virtual inspection on Monday morning so apologies for the short notice and to those of you who weren’t able to meet the 11 am deadline on Tuesday.

We cannot share any details with you about the outcome of the inspection until the letter is published. The process can take up to 38 days.

Now, to get on with the everyday school business!

It is so lovely to see the children back and settled in. On Wednesday, I took a little walk around to see the phonics groups taking place. It was fantastic to see different mixes of children within the year group. There was a real buzz from the children and staff too – different faces and friends to catch up with!

I also took a walk during the afternoon and was completely in awe of the outstanding behaviour being demonstrated in many, many classrooms. A special well done to Hazel class at this point – they know why!

There is a sense everywhere that life is starting to open up again – we still need to be cautious and abide by the rules in place. We need to be patient. Small steps, and everyone continuing to do their part, will help us all in the long term!

Small steps,

Tracy and Mike

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Attendance at Elmhurst – w/c 8th March 2021

Whole school – 97.6 %

Year 3 – 97.5%

Year 4 – 98.2%

Year 5 – 99.0%

Year 6 – 95.4%

Well done, everyone. This is incredibly impressive!

Reading at Elmhurst

Well done to Yew class for 100% in their reading target for last week. This means that all children in the class read to an adult on at least four occasions. Something that we are aiming for all children to do.

Let’s all aim for 100% across all classes. Thank you for your support in this.

Pupil well being survey

We have chosen, as a school, to take part in the Schools Wellbeing survey. This is a local survey designed by Public Health and adapted from various services.

The survey has been running since 2014. It continues to be the most valued and largest survey for children and young people and is the most authentic collective voice of Somerset children in relation to their health and wellbeing. Each response matters, enabling us to better understand the needs of young people, contributing to improving the lives of their peers and families across Somerset.

Previous survey results have led to positive changes in individual schools as well as making a difference in the way in which services are designed, delivered and transformed across children services, education and health. It is even more valuable at this time.

The survey goes “live” from Monday 22nd March until Friday 28th May. The children will complete it at some point during this period as part of their classroom work. The survey is anonymous.

Below are a series of documents that will provide you with more information. We have needed to include both the Infant and Junior version as the year 3 children come under the Infant category.


Congratulations to Jasmine M in Ash class and Coby P in Hazel class for taking part in the Glastonbury & Street Lions Club Short story competition during the lockdown. Both children have received a certificate for their brilliant effort! We are very proud of you both!

Data Collection sheets

Please could all data collection sheets for year 4 children be returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

Car park

Please may we remind all caregivers and staff that the school car park should not be used between 8.25 am – 9.00 am and 2.45- 2.30 pm. This is to ensure the safety of children arriving at different staggered start and end times. Please do not use the car park for drop-off or turning.

The car park should not be used by parents and care givers other than for collecting at the end of the WAP session.

School Crossing Patrol

Please remember that the zig-zag lines on Elmhurst Lane are no parking or stopping zones.

The zig-zags on the school side are no stopping at any time, and the zig-zags on the other side are no stopping between 8.15 am and 9.00 am and 2.45 pm and 3.30 pm.

While we realise that it can be tricky to find a space to drop off, the lines are there for the safety of the children entering and leaving the school which is our primary priority. It may mean stopping further away and walking to the entrance.

Please remember that everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. Mrs. Hayward, our school crossing patrol, is there for the safety of your children. If she asks you to move on, it is for one reason – safety. Please do as asked.

Lost property

We will always try to return “lost property” to the rightful owner if it is named. We cannot return it if it isn’t named. Most of the jumpers that are “lost” end up being donated to the ESA clothes bank or pre-loved sale. Whilst this is great, it is also incredibly frustrating for all involved.

Below are a couple of items (not school uniform) that should be easily identifiable. If an item belongs to your child, let us know and we will return it to them.

Website gallery

You can have a look at the gallery here: Elmhurst Lockdown Gallery 2021

We have also added a Lockdown Collection which shows the vast variety of subjects covered over the lockdown and includes some seriously impressive work! Thank you!

Easter holiday activities for children who are entitled to free school meals

And finally

We all need a little help and inspiration at times!


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