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Newsletter: 23rd October 2020

Dear Caregivers,

As Governors we are so proud of everyone at Elmhurst for the way that they are managing the challenging situation.  It is sad for us that we are unable to do our usual visits to the school – that is the best part of our role.  We miss seeing the children with their cheery smiles and their great attitude to learning.

However, the Governors continue to meet to contract the business of the school on Zoom, briefed, and guided by Tracy and Mike.  We also enjoy the newsletters and reading about all that is happening, including seeing children’s work.  As Chairs of Governors we have an extra ‘meeting’ every two weeks, with Tracy and Mike.  Here they keep us up to date with everything that is happening and ensure that we are aware of the challenges, as well as the joys.

From these meetings, we are able to conclude that everyone is working very hard to give the children the best education possible while staying safe.  We hear about the way that the children listen and take responsibility for themselves and each other; the manner in which staff go out of their way to ensure that each child is cared for and guided; the fact that all staff cover extra tasks when necessary; and the way that parents have been willing to follow new guidelines and make it all work for their children and for the school.  Yet again we see the strong team at Elmhurst working together to provide the best possible for the children.

But this is really hard for all concerned, and we do not underestimate the toll that it takes on all.  Whatever the future holds, we hope that the half term break will give the opportunity for children and staff to recharge their batteries.  We hope everyone is able to have some good family times, and a well-deserved rest.

We have complete confidence, that whatever the challenges ahead, Elmhurst is a great place for your children to meet them.

With very best wishes,

Claire Axten and Andy Shepherd

Co-Chairs of Governors

Attendance for the week beginning: 12th October 2020

Whole school – 96.2%

Year 3 – 97.4%

Year 4 – 97.8% – well done, year 4! Top of the leaderboard.

Year 5 – 96.9%

Year 6 – 92.7%

We break up for half term tomorrow, Friday 23rd October, and will reopen again on Monday 2nd November.

What’s happening next week? w/b : 2nd November 2020 (click on the date to go to the school calendar)

News items and updates

URGENT: Secondary school applications

Just a reminder that secondary school applications must be completed before 31st October. Caregivers can access the online form here:

Online safety:

Lootboxes in Games – Have your Say

Lootboxes are items that can be bought in games with ‘mystery’ contents. This can include ways of customising a character, weapons,  a new player for a sports team or a range of other items which are designed to tempt the player to make the purchase. Because getting the best items is based on chance, some people believe they are a form of gambling.

The UK government is asking for the views of young people and parents about lootboxes and are inviting us to complete their survey by November 22nd 2020.

To take part in the survey go to:

Family video game database

If you need some help on how to get a handle on the gaming distraction the Family Video Game Database might be worth a look.

Launched in September, the Video Games Database, provides a great resource for parents and carers to find appropriate games for children, teenagers and young adults. It is designed to support concerns about video game addiction, violence, spending, privacy and online safety.

It has a wealth of games to choose from and has the option to look up games your children might already be playing.

Every game is presented to empower informed choice through understanding. It provides an overview of why it’s worth playing, what is the commitment in time, and how many players can you have, what age is the game for and what equipment do you need to play it. Finally, the game page suggests three or four other games you might like to play next,”

The Playability Initiative is now sponsoring the database to add even more lists of games that offer great accessibility features. So now you can also search for games designed to be easier to see, designed with deaf and hard of hearing functions, and games designed for reduced motor function.

ESA update:

Don’t forget…If you are having a sort out over the half-term break, please send items into the clothing bank. Every time it is emptied, Elmhurst ESA collects a donation towards supporting the school.

You can send in:

In order to help raise some much-needed funds this year, the ESA will be hosting a virtual Christmas market over the weekend of Saturday 14th/ Sunday 15th November. More details will follow later but if you would like to host a stall, please contact Kate Willis at or go to

Work from around the school

And finally…

In the words of Bill and Ted: “Be EXCELLENT to each other”


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