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Newsletter: 27.2.20

Welcome back to a new term, half way through the school year! We hope that everyone had a “restful” break doing the things that bring you joy – whatever that may be. It is important to make sure that we all take time to recharge but we know that with our busy lifestyles – this is often easier said than done.

In a recent lesson with year 5, we looked at the meaning and expectations behind Shabbat – the Sabbath. We can learn many things from different religions, faiths and cultures. The idea of taking time from Friday evening through to Saturday evening without any electrical interruptions is incredibly appealing, spending time playing games with families and friends – both great ways to take a break from the busy day to day “stuff”. It wouldn’t work for everyone and we certainly aren’t advocating that this is the only way to relax and switch off but it certainly gave me something to think about.

The school term doesn’t really lend itself to taking things easy and resting so it’s important to grab any opportunity you can! I have also stumbled across this article. It’s worth a read: How to pause, recharge and reduce stress moments

It is going to be a busy half term! An exciting, busy, chaotic at times, lovely half term. We will all mess up. We will all make mistakes. We will all get dates wrong and mix things up. None of this is ever intentional – just normal human behaviour! None of us are perfect – but together, we will make it work. Flexibility, understanding and kindness will get us through even the most challenging times.

Tracy and Mike

Attendance for the week beginning: 10th February: 95.9% (slightly below the target)

Year 3 – 94.2%
Year 4 – 97.3%
Year 5 – 94.5%
Year 6 – 97.8% – well done, year 6! Top of the leader board two weeks in a row!

What’s happening next week? w/b 2nd March

Monday: Bikeability for Y6 children involved – letters have been sent to these children. Please make sure you have the correct equipment and a road worthy bike!

Tuesday: Day 2 of Bikeability.

Wednesday: Yew class to Pizza Express.

Thursday: World book day – see note below

World Book day: Thursday 5th March

World Book Day is on the 5th March. To celebrate, we will be holding our usual dressing up opportunity. Come dressed as your favourite book or favourite book character. There will be prizes for the best homemade costumes. This will also link in with an event taking place in Street Library on the day. (see below). Dressing up is optional – if you would like to dress up but don’t have a costume, please consider wearing your pyjamas – all book characters have to sleep! We are also holding a potato decorating competition. Details were sent out before the half term break but we have added a reminder below..

This year, as part of our World Book Day celebrations, we would like you to ‘Dress a Potato’. Simply decorate a potato as a favourite book character of yours and bring it into your class teacher on World Book Day. It could be painted, dressed up in a costume you have made for it or even have your character as part of a small scene you have created. Please send any potatoes in on 5th. they will need to have a label with name/ year group and character. We will display them in the hall.

A message from Street Library about World Book day.

“We would like to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. We would love to see local children in the library that day. If they are wearing costumes we would be delighted to see them. We will be dressed up! From 3- 5 p.m. we will be providing drinks and cookies. The children will be able to draw a book character or have a colouring sheet which we will display in the library. We hope that children will pop in and see us. It will be fun!”

Sleeping bags and mats for Hestercombe

We have a “slight” problem with the sleeping bags and mats for Hestercombe. 1610’s supplier isn’t able to provide all the equipment we need. We are going to Hestercombe on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd May.

If you are able to loan us either a sleeping bag or a mat, please could you send it in to one of the year 4 team (Miss House, Miss Milburn or Mr Mullen) before the trip. PLEASE make sure that it is labelled clearly so that we can return it to you after the half term break. Thank you in advance.

Coronovirus update

We are continuing to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Public Health England advises that the risk to individuals in the UK remains low. The Chief Medical Advisor for England, Chris Whitty updated advice for travellers returning to the UK from specific areas affected by COVID-19, which you can find at:

Friendship difficulties and challenges

An unfortunate part of growing up is having to deal with the friendship difficulties and challenges which children will encounter. It is how we learn about the person we are, the people we choose to spend time with and how we will deal with things when they invariably go wrong. Unfortunately, and without being gender-biased, this tends to be more of a challenge for girls. It is all perfectly normal. Frustrating but normal.

A large part of the “teaching” that we do at school and the parenting you do at home is connected with giving children the strategies to help them resolve friendship difficulties. We cannot fix the problem for them – it won’t help them in the long run. We can simply guide them and support them.

This article may be of use: if you have a child who is struggling with friendship difficulties at school.

ESA Greenbank Raffle

“After such a great success last year, the ESA will be purchasing a Greenbank season ticket for up to a family of 6!

The ESA will be selling Greenbank Raffle tickets later on this half term (when the weather is a bit better). We are not sending tickets home with the children as so many get wasted this way. If you would like tickets sent home please comment or message with your child’s name, class and how many tickets you would like. You can do this on the Elmhurst Parents Facebook group or, in the next couple of days, on the School website.

Money and stubs should be returned to the office in a labelled envelope please. Tickets are £1 and the draw will take place on the last day of term Friday 3rd April.

You’ve got to be in it to win it!”

Michelle Beal, Chair of ESA

And finally…

A good deed for the week: Unplug all your appliances that aren’t being used.


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