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Pog by Padraig Kenny

“David and Penny’s strange new home is surrounded by forest. It’s the childhood home of their mother, who’s recently died. But other creatures live here … magical creatures, like tiny, hairy Pog. He’s one of the First Folk, protecting the boundary between the worlds. As the children explore, they discover monsters slipping through from the place on the other side of the cellar door. Meanwhile, David is drawn into the woods by something darker, which insists there’s a way he can bring his mother back …”

Pog is a wonderful story that explores the challenges faced by a family after the loss of a loved one. The relationship between Pog, Penny and David is beautifully developed during the story and we keep finding out more about Pog and his own history, right up to the very end. This is a story full of emotion, adventure and fantasy. It will keep you gripped until the thrilling final battle. Pog himself is such an interesting character and I hope to hear more about him and his family in the future.


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