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Remote learning offer and safeguarding at Elmhurst

Here are some suggestions and reminders when accessing Google classroom from home:

  1. Online sessions should only accessed in a shared family area (ideally not a bedroom).

2. Pupils should be appropriately dressed, No pyjamas.

3. Other family members should be made aware that a live session is taking place in this space so they can also act appropriately when present in the background

4. Appropriate language and activity inline with on school site expectations should be used at all times. Normal classroom standards of behaviour are expected. If these are not adhered to, access to these sessions will be removed.

5. You will be asked for permission if this session is recorded by the school. No-one else should take screenshots or recordings of the session. (The session may be recorded and stored securely for a limited period for safeguarding reasons)

6. No images or recordings of the session will be shared within or outside the school environment.  Do not repost images online or on social media.

7. Do not share any data, such as names or other information that may be heard or seen as part of the lesson.

8. Some children might not feel comfortable turning their webcams on. They may be shy, unsure of the technology or have had a bad experience using video calls in the past. Some children, parents and carers may be uncomfortable with classmates being able to see into their home. It is acceptable to partake without video-enabled.

9. Online sessions and check-ins are to enhance the learning, well being and curriculum for the pupil and are not for parental feedback or to be used as an opportunity for additional parent- teacher discussions.

10. If you have any other questions regarding safeguarding and remote learning, please contact Mike Lawrence (

For all other safeguarding issues:

Any safeguarding concerns should be directed to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mike Lawrence. The contact number for out of school hours is 07751 760627 which is also on the front of the website. During school hours, please use the school number, 01458 442979. You may also email at any time.

Please remember that if you believe a child is at risk of significant harm you should telephone 999.

If you are unable to contact anyone from the school the telephone number for Somerset Direct, where you may share any concerns, is 0300 123 2224


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