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Remote learning offer and SEN provision at Elmhurst

What if my child has Special Educational Needs? 

SEND pupils have a wide range of specific needs and we recognise that some pupils are likely to have particular needs which cannot easily be met in some of the ways described in the remote learning offer.

We are, however, committed to ensuring that these needs are effectively met so that children continue to make progress wherever possible.

This will mean individualised planning in many cases and will be dependent on individual circumstances for learning at home. 

Supporting growth in confidence will be a key factor in preparing work for your child. 

Where possible, we will try and continue with specific interventions which will be discussed with individual families and supported by key staff through preparation of materials and additional support if required. 

Each child will have a link adult who will check in with them weekly to make sure that the work is appropriate and if there is any further support that can be offered. This may be the class teacher or a member of the support staff who has been working with them during the autumn term.


The support of adults in the home will be a significant advantage where that is possible but we understand that each family circumstance is different.


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