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Rumblestar – Abi Elphinstone

Some of you will have read Everdark, as it was one of the World Book Day books this year. That was the prequel to this, the first in the Unmapped Chronicles which takes us to the magical world of Rumblestar. An eleven-year-old boy called Casper Tock accidentally finds his way into this world and is desperate to get home. To do this he will need the help of Utterly Thankless, a girl who hates rules, and her miniature dragon, Arlo. Along the way they will encounter cloud giants, drizzlehags and Neverlate trees amongst other things. 

Abi Elphinstone has created a world that is easy to get lost in. It is so well described and enables children and adults of all ages to picture themselves there. There is a wonderful cast of characters, both human and otherwise, and some unexpected twists along the way. The theme of friendship and acceptance also runs deeply through this book. We all need people that we can turn to and rely on, and we are all guilty of being Stormgulpers at times! 


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