School times and term dates

Term times

Please follow the links to see term time dates for the current and upcoming year:

Our school day

The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm.

The school bell is now rung at 8.35am. This lets the children know that they can start making their way into the classroom. The teacher will have set up early morning activities, such as learning times tables, finishing off, responding to marking comments and reading etc, for the children to do. This will allow for a more settled start to the morning.

Registration is still from 8.50 – 9am.

At 8.50, the hall door is closed and all children who arrive after this time need to go in through the main entrance. Their names are then written in a late book. The register is taken at 9am in class and sent back to the office.

Morning playtimes

All classes have a snack/ toilet break at about 10am. This is flexible depending on the needs/ age of the children and the work being carried out in class.


All the children have a morning break. No balls are allowed on the front playground. The children are encouraged to play a greater variety of games.  Equipment, selected by the school council, is provided for them to use. Children should not bring in toys and games from home.


All the children have a lunch break between 12.30 and 1.30 pm. The children with packed lunches eat in their classrooms or outside in warmer weather. They are encouraged to be social whilst eating. All classes stay in rooms for at least 20 minutes to eat their lunch. Some children may need longer, so can finish eating in the hall if needed. Children who have school dinners eat in the hall. All children, whether they are in class or in the hall,  are encouraged to tidy their classroom after eating.

During lunch play, different options are available for the children. Three activity rooms are open during the colder weather from 1.00pm where the children may choose to play games, do simple art work or watch cartoons. The library is also open for those children who wish to sit and read quietly or change library books.

Football takes place on the top courts or the field. It is organised on a rota basis. The front playground and quiet area is also open for gentler play!

Drop-off and collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, parents are asked to drop their children off either at the school entrance or on the front playground, depending on the age of the children. When walking into the school site, please encourage your children to follow the yellow pathway. If normal arrangements have to be altered (eg you are delayed or another person is collecting your child) please let us know. This avoids any confusion or upset.

Getting to school

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option! There are lots of benefits: it’s healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road-users, and it respects nearby residents and parking regulations. Alternatively, we have bike-racks. If you do need to travel by car, please park wisely. Children may also bring their scooters to school. Scooter racks are available outside Yew class.


All children take part in a daily act of collective worship.

Monday : 1.30-2.00pm introduces the theme for the week. Our focus this term is on developing a Growth Mindset.

Tuesday: 1.30-2.00pm continues with the theme

Wednesday: 9.00- 9.30am – either whole school singing or Church visitor assembly

Thursday: 1.30- 2.00 is led by different members of the school staff and focuses on other events such as different world faiths and celebrations.It is also the day when different classes showcase their Talk for Writing stories. It is also used for sharing favourite stories.

Friday 1.30-2.00pm is a celebration assembly for the week. Teachers take it in turns to lead this assembly.

Religious Education is taught according to a nondenominational syllabus used in Somerset schools which develops knowledge of Christianity whilst raising awareness of other religions.

All parents have a right to withdraw their child from the daily assembly or from Religious
Education. Any parent wishing to exercise this right should contact the Headteacher


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