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Step 11 – Paper packs of work after Easter

We are trying to put a plan into place for paper packs of work after Easter.

As you can imagine, this is not without its difficulties.

At this moment in time, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get paper packs to you. Many parents have been able to access Google classrooms now (although this was not without teething problems) and many parents who can’t have put their own systems and routines in place to ensure that some home learning is taking place. This will look different in every household across the land.

Paper copies can only be provided as a last resort. They will consist entirely of a paper version of the home learning packs which were shared with you on here the other day. We do not have the capacity to provide anything else.

Until we know the numbers needed, we cannot even start to work out the logistics of getting the resource packs printed and then getting them delivered/ collected.

If you need a paper copy of the home learning pack, please EMAIL Tracy Edwards ( BEFORE the end of the day on Monday 6th April. You will need to let me know your child’s name, class and year group and your address.

Thank you for your help and support in this; it is hugely appreciated.


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