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Step 5: Update re paper packs

Good morning all.

Following on from the PM’s message last night, we have had to make some more changes to our provision at Elmhurst. We are still open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children but we are, obviously, encouraging everyone who can stay at home to stay at home. It is absolutely vital that we all do what we can to stop the spread of this disease.

With that in mind, we are now operating a very “skeletal” staffing structure. As a result of this we are no longer in a position to accept any new requests for paper packs of work. We simply don’t have the extra staff in to do it. The staff who are in are with the children.

We will also need to change how we get the packs to you. Our plan is to deliver them all to you but this is going to take much longer. We have about 60 packs to deliver across Street and Glastonbury and limited personnel to do it. Bear with us! We will get them to you but it won’t necessarily be by tomorrow.


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