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The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman

Those of you that have read Beetle Boy may like to try this novel by M.G.Leonard.

This is a tale of adventure and mystery set on the final journey of the royal train, The Highland Falcon.

Harrison Beck reluctantly boards the train with his Uncle Nat – a travel writer- because his mum is having a baby. He may not have loved trains at the start but he definitely does by the end and he and Uncle Nat forge a terrific bond. Even though there are supposed to be no children on the train apart from Harrison, he makes friends with Lenny a stowaway and they set about solving a number of jewel thefts.

The story has many clues and secrets aboard and a fantastic plot. There are some brilliant suspects and the book is very entertaining. The outcome is most unexpected.

This book will appeal to all ages. It is an easy read and boys and girls will enjoy it. There are some James Bond style stunts and some particularly gross theories to keep people intrigued.  

Adventures on Trains is a major mystery series from the prize-winning M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman. First stop, The Highland Falcon Thief, a breathless train journey full of deceptions, puzzles and clues to solve.

Mrs Rousell


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