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The Shark Caller by Zillah Bethell

“I want to be able to call the sharks. Teach me the magic and show me the ways.”

Blue Wing is a young girl from Papua New Guinea who dreams of becoming a shark caller; the person in a village with the knowledge to call the sharks to her at any time. Constantly refused by her waspapi, she is made to befriend a young girl who has recently arrived on the island. Together they must learn to trust each other and become friends. As their relationship develops, we learn more about their past and what has brought each of them to this point.

This spell-binding and emotional story is set amongst the tropical backdrop of Papua New Guinea, which is stunningly brought to life by the writing of Zillah Bethell. The pictures conjured in my mind allowed me to escape to this beautiful land and join the girls on their adventures. This story is built on the themes of friendship, trust, loss and forgiveness and all culminates with a twist that you will not see coming! Two brave young girls power this story, in a world so far removed from our own, and is a story that will make you feel a whole range of emotions. Definitely, one that should be added to your bookshelves!

By Mr Mullen


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