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The Ship of Shadows – Maria Kuzniar

Aleja is a dreamer who longs for a life of magic and adventure, but is tied to her home life by boring household chores and the love she has for her family. One day the legendary and magical Ship of Shadows arrives in her city and she is drawn to it. Aleja joins the all-female crew for one adventure to help them find something, but nobody will tell her what! All the crew have special skills and receive lessons in how to use weapons, navigate the seas and read maps. Aleja’s gift is that she can read and learn new languages! 

I really enjoyed this story of a group of strong, young women out in the world, exploring and being adventurous. They face many dangers along the way and there is another mysterious ship chasing them across the seas! The Ship of Shadows is a wonderful character all of its own, with rooms that magically appear and disappear (even if you are inside them!) and a large library of course! This is a great pirate adventure story and I hope to see a sequel being written in the not too distant future.


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