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This Wonderful Thing by Adam Baron

The blurb – Jessica is playing with her family at the river when she finds a dirty, bedraggled teddy bear in the water.

She has no idea that it will change everything, forever.

Meanwhile, Cymbeline comes home from school to find that his mum’s house has been broken into – and the thieves seemed oddly focused on his toys. Thank goodness he had Not Mr Fluffy, his Bear of Most Extreme Importance, with him.  

Soon, Jessica and Cymbeline find themselves swept up in a mystery that spans decades, threatens their families, and turns their lives upside down.

But sometimes, just maybe, a new life can be a really wonderful thing…

This is the third book involving Cymbelline Igloo and it does not disappoint(The others are Boy Underwater and You Won’t Believe This). Each chapter is written from the point of view of the two main characters (Cymbelline & Jessica). They do not know it, but their lives are about to become incredibly complicated! Written with such assurance, the reader is laughing one minute and on the edge of tears the next. How many authors would have their characters playing Pooh Sticks with an actual pooh?! The dual mysteries slowly unravel and keep you guessing right up to the end, as well as the other emotional storylines that play out alongside them. Another wonderful story from Adam Baron.

By Mr Mullen


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