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Update on Bubbles

As of Monday, we will be rearranging the school bubbles. Due to the number of children accessing in-school provision, all teaching staff will be in school at some point each week. They will be doing this as well as teaching remotely. PLEASE bear this in mind if you send requests for help with Google classroom. Teachers may not be able to get back to you immediately especially if they are in a class all day. Our staff are also entitled to family time in the evening; many of them will have their own children who need support with home learning. Please be patient.

We have, however, been able to join up some of the bubbles – this will benefit all involved. The children and staff (where possible) will stay in these bubbles until the February review. We are now no longer able to accept any more requests for key worker provision. “Vulnerable” children will be kept under review.

We would ask that, if you have any concerns to do with the remote provision, you would contact the school in the first instance to discuss.

The bubbles are as follows:

All year 3 classes (Willow, Rowan and Ash) will stay as their individual classes. They will stay in their own class.

Fir class (Miss House) will also stay as a bubble in their own classroom.

Cedar and Holly (Miss Milburn and Mr Mullen) have joined to make one bubble. They wil be based in Holly classroom.

Pine class (Miss Dyer) will stay as their own class bubble.

Hazel and Sycamore (Mrs Vian and Mrs Greenwell) will form a bubble, based in Hazel classroom.

All year 6 classes, Elm, Yew and Oak, will form one year group bubble based in Yew class.

Children will need to go to their new “bubble” classroom on Monday if they are not in their own class.

In line with the latest Government guidance, if you are a key worker and are in a position to keep your child at home, please do so. All we ask is that you let us know. Thank you.


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