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WAP and key workers

We need to make some changes to the WAP provision due to safety needs. We can no longer operate with the same number of children as the group is made up of all children across all the bubbles.

We will, therefore, be limiting the number of children so that we can ensure social distancing within the two rooms.

Parents/ Caregivers who are key workers and who have already booked for this week will be able to use the provision and book in for subsequent weeks. This will need to be booked and paid for via Parent Pay as normal. Access will only be granted to those parents who have already booked. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any new bookings from any other key workers. Non-key worker parents who have booked and are now not able to access the provision will be refunded.

WAP will open from 7.30-8.35am daily and from 3.15 – 5pm daily.

We will not be able to provide breakfast in the morning and parents/ caregivers will need to provide an afternoon snack. The costs of the sessions will be reduced to reflect this.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.


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